Enjoy the Journey

I look at pictures of my beautiful kids and see all the stages of their lives so far – smile – and feel nostalgic! Wanting to remember more vividly the details of the moments! Remembering their baby smiles, toddler smiles, laughter, hugs, kisses! And I’m reminded to ‘enjoy the journey!’ All ages and moments with my kids is precious! and I intend to be present and enjoy the moments! The ups, the downs, the in-between, the knowing, the learning, the wanting, the giving!

A most important part of life are relationships and the connection we share with others. The relationships we have enhance our lives, teach us, guide us, motivate us, support us and empower us. The people in our lives and the relationships that we have are a big part of our life journeys.

I don’t think that I have missed too much of my kids lives – but I do know that as I’ve balanced my life there are times that I have missed moments I would rather not have missed. Being busy and distracted by every day duties and tasks – not giving my full attention, listening with only one ear, not giving them the priority they should have in the moment. I do not know their feelings during those moments – but I know mine – and my feelings are my indicator to take a deep breath, realign my priorities, and focus on the moment – focus on my kids – and enjoy the journey! Because I also know what I feel when we are playing, laughing, giving, loving, being together in the present moment – and that… that is amazing! wonderful! priceless! A feeling of such joy I’m lighter than air, my smile bright as the sun, and eyes sparkling like the stars!

And so it is with Live Your Truth Seminars. I created this to make a difference in people’s lives – and I am committed to being present in those joyful moments of ups, downs, in-between, ‘a-ha’, growth, awareness and transformation! to celebrate, to motivate, to encourage, to enjoy, to teach, to learn, to listen. To enjoy the journey and not get swept away in the daily tasks and duties.

Some things it is easier to list what we do not . As I give to you a glimpse into my life and mind, with a bit of wisdom and ideas for you – I do not want to be stressed, anxious and rushed to meet a deadline. No. What I want is to give you bits of wisdom, a new idea, a refreshed idea, a question to get you thinking, dreaming and creating. And, If I’m rushed, you will not get that. I intend to enjoy the journey, I will give myself time to write what is wanting to come forth from me. I breathe in… … and smile… breathe out – peace and serenity fill my being as I am present in the moment.

Not to ‘enjoy the journey’ is

  • feeling anxious or rushed
  • doubting and worrying
  • being stressed or tense
  • being too serious
  • reacting

Enjoying the Journey is

  • present moment awareness
  • feeling joyful and loving
  • being calm and serene
  • having fun and enjoying laughter
  • responding
  • balancing priorities

New Year’s is a time I review my goals, expanding and assessing that I am growing in the direction that I want to grow, that I am being who I want to be, doing what I want to do and living how I want to live! This year I did something different, I have written down how I want to feel! and in doing that, my feeling goals are: joyful, connected, alive and free. My feeling goals inspired me to set a theme for my year too –¬† ‘Enjoy the Journey!’

And that’s what I’m going to do! I’m going to have fun and laugh! Not be so serious and to focused. I’m going to be joyful! I’m going to be alive and free! feeling the energy flow smoothly to and through me for all areas of my life! not stressed and tense. I am going to enjoy the journey!

What can you do to enjoy the journey? What do you want to be more present for in your life? What do you want to feel?

I am present in the moment! I know my goals and their priorities. I enjoy the activities and time I focus on my relationships, my goals, and I have fun, laugh often, smile always, laugh until it hurts and tears are rolling down my cheeks! This is my life! And I love it!

Enjoy the Journey!

Live Your Truth!